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Refer a Friend
and Save!

For each booked referral,
you will receive a FREE
25-min dog walk,
vacation care visit,
or $15 off your next
overnight stay!

Initial In-Home Consultation 

Meet & Greet, review services and forms, etc. Usually concludes within 30 - 40 minutes.


Dog Walking and Exercising

Regular dog walking hours are 10 AM - 5 PM, M-F. After-hours non-vacation walks (before 10 AM, after 5 PM, or anytime on Saturday or Sunday), when available, have a $5.00 surcharge fee per walk. This surcharge does not apply to vacation drop-ins or walks that part of an overnight stay; see fees for those services below.

Walks are 25 minutes in length.The fee is $15.00 for one dog and $2.00 per additional dog.
Dogs are walked individually unless they have a neighborhood "buddy" and both owners request for the dogs to be walked together.
Visits to a local, enclosed park are an alternative to walks.
Customized, detailed notes are left after each visit.
Fresh water is always given daily, as well as treats, if approved.
Feeding at visits is optional (included in fee).

Vacation Drop-In Visits 

Service is generally available seven days/ week and is available on and around all major holidays (see holiday surcharges below).

Paw cat care (feeding, litter scooping/changing, brushing, playing, TLC, meds, etc)
Paw other small animal care (feeding, cage cleaning, and whatever else
is applicable.
Paw dog visits (walking, feeding, playtime, TLC, meds, etc)

Visits for cats and other small animals generally occur in the morning, but afternoon and evening visits are usually available and multiple daily visits are an option. Dog visits are available at a minimum of three walks per day; morning, afternoon, and bedtime.

Service includes, but is not limited to, the following (all included in fee):

Paw plant watering
Paw mail/newspaper collection
Paw trash removal
Paw lights/blinds rotation
Paw medication administration (oral, injection, topical, or any other type)
Paw cleaning of food/litter/plant areas, accidents and other messes

Fees, for 25-30-minute visits:

Paw Cats and other small animals: $17 for first two animals; additional $2 for each animal beyond two (in terms of payment, one "animal" = one cat, one rabbit, one cage of rodents or birds, or one tank of fish or other aquatic animals).
Second daily visits may be available at a reduced rate.

$3 surcharge for every-other-day visits (only available for healthy animals who do not like visitors or who socialize with their animal housemates; for the well-being of social single animals, kittens, geriatric animals, or animals with health conditions, I do not recommend, and therefore do not provide, visits on a less-than-daily basis).

Paw Dog vacation drop-ins: $15 for mid-day visits; $18 for morning and evening visits


Overnight Vacation Care 

Would your furry friends like to have someone to snuggle with during the night in the comfort and familiarity of their own home? Would you like additional security for your home while you are away? If so, overnight pet sitting in your home is probably the best option for you.

I would stay overnight in your home (sleeping on the couch or wherever you would prefer that I sleep), and conduct other vacation care services as usual (feeding, playing, cat litter scooping, 3-4 dog walks per day, plant care, mail retrieval, etc).

Service is available on a first-come, first-served basis, generally seven days/ week.

Fees (per 24-hour period):

$60 for one dog
$65 for 2 dogs
$70 for 3 dogs

$45 for one or two cats;
extra $10 for each additional cat

Other small animals or mixed species:
Will quote upon inquiry.

At the time of reservation, a 50% deposit is due, with the remainder due at the start of service. Be sure to schedule overnight stays as far in advance as possible to ensure service availability; especially for holiday stays.

House-Checking Only (when no animals are present) 

Are your animals traveling with you or staying with a friend, or family member? I can still come by and water your plants, rotate your lights and blinds, retrieve - and also forward, for an additional fee - your mail and newspapers, and complete other home care tasks you may have.

Fee: $13 base with possible additional small fee depending on specific needs

Holiday Surcharges 

$7 per day will be charged in addition to the regular fee for any services received on these dates:

New Year's Eve
New Year's Day
Easter Weekend (Sat and Sun)
Memorial Day Weekend (Sat, Sun, Mon)
Independence Day
Labor Day Weekend (Sat, Sun, Mon)
Thanksgiving (Weds, Thurs, Fri)

December 24, 25, 26

*Rates are subject to change (with adequate notice given to clients).

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