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Pam is incredibly reliable and conscientious. She has provided pet-sitting services many times during the past year for our two cats. One of the cats requires medication and special feeding instructions, which she has handled perfectly. Recently, my boyfriend and I were snowed in out of town, and Pam took time out of her day to go feed the cats on a completely unplanned, same-day emergency visit. It was such a relief! We can count on Pam and we really appreciate that!

Jenn D
Rogers Park

We are one of Pam's longest clients; she has been our dog walker for over five years now. Can I tell you that she is caring and loves our dogs. She treats them like her own! We started with two dogs that are now gone and we have two more that she adores. She is responsible, a good communicator, and very flexible with our schedule. One of our dogs needed special medication which she carefully administered, while communicating any changes she saw in him. She also has done several overnight stays in our home over the years. I trust her greatly with our pets. We will be moving soon and will truly miss her service. She has brought us great peace of mind during our work day to know they were being well taken care of! She has my highest recommendation!

Bob and Diane S

I live with two "special needs" cats - Finn and Tut - both FIV positive. I travel fairly frequently, and was extremely reluctant to leave the boys in the care of someone I didn't know. Pam is positively fabulous! After talking to her for just a few minutes during our initial interview, I knew the boys would be in great hands. She is an obvious pet-lover, relaxed, dedicated, flexible, easy to work with - and most importantly, the boys adore her! Finn almost seemed disappointed to see me walk through the door after my last trip. I think he was hoping to see Pam!

Pam is just the best, and I can't recommend her strongly enough. I know that the boys are not only taken care of while I'm away - but are also given plenty of love & attention. I would never dream of calling anyone else.

Ann M, Finn & Tut

Inviting someone into your home and entrusting the lives of your family pets to someone is a big decision. We have been fortunate to have Pam care for our pets in our home for the past two years. Not only has she been their mid-day walker; she also comes and stays with them when we are away.

Our dogs include one that is deaf and one that is 15 years old. They all have different diets and complex medication schedules and Pam easily follows our instructions. She always leaves detailed written notes and doesn't hesitate to call us with questions and concerns. Pam constantly impresses us with her level of care and dedication. Her thoroughness, attention to detail, and common sense way of thinking are outstanding.

We strongly recommend her to anyone who loves their pets and wants to insure that they receive the best of care in their owners' absence.

Shirley and Lee L

Pam has been my cat sitter since moving back to Chicago a little over a year ago and she has been wonderful. She recently sat for my cat a week and a half after my other one passed away and I had to go away for a previously scheduled trip. Understandably, I was really nervous about leaving Charlie alone for a week since he had a companion all his life and would be alone for the first time. With Pam, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. I came home to a very happy and well cared for cat. I would recommend Pam highly to anyone who needs a pet sitter!

Tracey C
Rogers Park

I have used Pam as my cat-sitter for 2 years now and could not be more pleased.  She's probably watched my two cats over 20 different weekends during that time, including Christmas, New Years, and at the last minute on several occasions. She has been consistently available, reliable, and responsive.  Her rates for the cat visits are very competitive compared to others I've seen advertised, but I know the quality of care she's giving my kitties is second to none.  My cats love her, and as a newer pet-owner I've consulted Pam on many occasions for advice on food, health, vets, etc. and she's very knowledgeable and truly has the animal's best interest in mind at all times.

I would recommend Pam highly to anyone who needs a pet sitter!

Emily M


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